Looking for a beautiful, healthy and calm Miniature Australian Shepherd? All CCAussies are bred for your home and for the show ring. Parents go through extensive medical and genetic testing, along with socialization and handling daily. CCAussies is registered with AKC & ASDR. Our foundation dogs have gorgeous ear set, laid back demeaner and are fully OFA scored. CCAussies strives to breed the best conformation & temperament available in America.

While our main focus is mini aussies, we also occasionally have other breeds such as our new upcoming Mini Australian Mountain Doodles, AKC Golden Retrievers, Golden Doodles and mini Bernedoodles. Our focus is always a calm temperament and fully completed testing.

CCAussies practices early development stimulation in neonates and conducts temperament evaluations on all our dams and studs. CCAussies strives to breed the calmest and well adjusted pups for your family. Our puppies are one of a kind both in temperament and conformation. We keep our kennel small so we can give more to our dogs.

Are you worthy of a CaliCoast Aussie?

We believe dogs should be bred to preserve and improve the quality of the breed.

We don’t breed for just a little extra money, our focus is the families that adopt from us. You are guaranteed to become a lifelong member of the CaliCoast Aussies family.


Located in Concord, California

What To Expect

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How Do I Know A Mini Is Right For Me?

Who Are We?

Jordan & Josh are the founders of CaliCoast Aussies. They are a young couple who has a deep love for Miniature Australian Shepherds. Jordan’s mother raised standard Australian shepherds throughout her childhood which enabled her to gain a great understanding of early development training. After Jordan & Josh got married they decided to focus on solely Miniature Aussies. There was a need for a smaller dog, adaptable to apartments & city life. Other key attributes were a lower shedding coat and medium to low energy drive.

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These goals went into mind when searching for their foundation dogs. To Josh and Jordan, their aussies are not only pets, but beloved family members. For this reason they devote adequate time to each dog with obedience training, socializing, mental stimulation and quality of life. Including attending shows, their lives can get very busy and for this reason they keep their pack to only 3-4 dogs.

Interested in a Puppy?

You can reach out to Jordan via email or phone. Please share about your family and what temperament you are looking for in your puppy.

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Call/Text: 925-597-7394

Email me at calicoastaussies@gmail.com