“Daisy” Cherry Bomb Blossom Tree Girls

17.5 inch 35lbs ASDR, AKC

Daisy is a stellar example of an Aussie. She is calm, well mannered, intuitive, easy going and has beautiful structure. We couldn’t ask for a better foundation dog than Daisy. She brings more blessings to our lives than we can count. Daisy is known for her ‘talking’ to communicate with us as soon on numerous Instagram videos. She often steals the show in our family.

Daisy Pedigree & OFA, Daisy Embark

“Grace” Outland’s True Grit

16inch 30lbs AKC, ASDR

Grace is very calm and patient when interacting with people. She composed her self well, has her delicate playful moments while still being quick to ‘wind down’. These are traits I admire in an Aussie and her pups acquire these as well.
Grace is submissive, but not shy. She can handle her self while still getting along with everyone. She has no interest in chasing cats or children, she just wants to bring you her toy or get a pat on the head. She lets me pose her for pictures, listens when I tell her to wait and doesn’t require being exercised everyday.

Grace ASDR Pedigree & Parents Pawprints


15.5 inches 25lbs Dob 12/29/2021 ASDR

Leia is super calm, cuddle, assertive, highly tenderhearted, eager to please, innately retrieves, highly biddable, has low sensitivity to sounds and sights. She has all the desirable traits for service work especially in diabetic or medical alert category. She easily adapts to new situations and remains calm the entire time. She is stress free and always a crow pleaser due to her ‘melt-in-your-arms’ demeanor.

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