What to Expect

Daisy x Michael Litter 2021

After choosing your puppy, there will be some time before your puppy is ready to go home. Puppies usually go home at 8-9 weeks of age and they will have visited the vet office 1-2 times before going home. Your puppy will have been desensitized to various household sounds & smells. Puppy will be used to potting outside in a designated area and ready for the transition home. 

You’ll want to set up a designated potty spot in your own home. This can be a portion of your yard the puppy will consistently use. For those of you with apartments designate a peepad area or a fake grass toilet item for your patio. Pick an area preferably separate from food and water area

All of our puppies grow up to learn how to potty in their designated area marked with fake grass or peepads. All puppies go home capable of being inside their crate for at least 2-3 hours during waking hours and adjusted to periods of isolation. We provide 24/7 support & instruction with crate training and much more.

You should have your own vet appointment scheduled within the first week of your puppy going home to get acquainted with your vet. Be prepared to have your puppy spayed/neutered before 1 year of age, after which it is your responsibility to send proof of alteration to us. If applicable, you may then receive ASDR or AKC registration paperwork for your purebred puppy.

What’s Included?

Going Home Binder

Visit Pricing Page for a detailed list of what is included in your purchase. Puppy will go home with vet visit before pickup, 1-2 rounds of vaccines, dewormed every two weeks, negative entire litter fecal test, acclimated to the crate and familiar with a designated potty area, microchipping, copy of parents pedigree, copy of parents genetic testing, signed sales contract, health guarantee and spay/neuter agreement. Each puppy will go home with a blanket or toy covered in mother’s and litter mate’s scent. 

We require you to continue taping your pups ears if needed throughout the teething period. Click here for more about aussie ears. We dock tails and declaws at 3 days after being born. If you would like your puppy NOT to be docked, payment must be made in full at time of reservation. We do not recommend this as it is impossible to tell temperament at such a young age and you will not be able to show your pup in the ring.

How Do You Raise My Puppy?

When you purchase a puppy raised by us, you can be assured each mother is well cared for, pampered, has regular vet check ups and fed nutritious high quality food. All puppies are reared from day 1 in our living room. Your puppy will be handled and socialized daily. 

Week 1: ENS (early neurological stimulation) begins. Initially begin with short intermissions of petting all areas of the puppy’s body softly (paw pads, belly, tail, around the face). 

Week 2: ENS continues. We gradually start to extend the holding & frequency time and continue to expose puppies to various day to day noises.

Week 3: Puppies eyes are now fully open and are more comfortable being held longer. At this time I encourage my nieces and nephews to carry a puppy around the house or while playing on their ipad’s. I extend the duration of holding time. Noise, sound and touch exposure begins.

Week 4: Puppies are now comfortable being held for minutes to hours at a time. I will take a puppy to the backyard with me and allow them to meet the dogs, water the plants and carry them around the house with me. They get to experience music, vacuum, kids talking, dogs barking. Puppies are now starting to wean from their mother. They will get fed a mixture of dry food with water. At this age they are introduced to peepads and fake grass. Noise, sound and touch exposure continues.

Week 5: Puppies are exploring and becoming very playful. I now take them to different rooms of the house to explore and encourage cuddling on the bed. They also get time outside in a puppy designated area. Aptitude tests are given.

Week 6-8: Puppies are still being held daily, kissed very frequently, interreacting with our cats and adult dogs. We now focus on preparation habits to go home. We will do crate training sessions and exposure & enrichment activities involving puzzle toys and reinforcing potty habits.

Interested in a Puppy?

You can reach out to Jordan via email or phone. Please share about your family and what temperament you are looking for in your puppy.

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