What to Look for in a Trusted Breeder?

Follow these steps when looking for a puppy! My husband always ask me how can you trust this person?! Because I mentally follow this checklist:

  1. Puppy needs to be appropriate price for the market, not super low, and not super high (unless they show proof they show and fully health test. This does not mean JUST genetic testing but also OFA’s) That is the only reason you should be paying 2-5k for a puppy. Not for its colors. Facebook & Craigslist are full of pet quality & back yard bred puppies. You need to see proof of testing and their temperament curriculum on their profile!!
  2. Breeder’s response needs to be continuous. They should be forth coming and WILLING to answer a multitude of questions. Before I buy I always ask a bunch of questions. It’s okay to be **annoying**. A true, honest breeder will be more than happy to provide you with answers. If language is broken, or doesn’t provide you with your requests, move on. Even if it’s a real breeder, ask yourself; what happens when there’s a problem & you already don’t have solid communication? 
  3. A breeder might be offended by your multiple questions, showing your mistrust in them as a breeder. However, remember it’s ‘buyers beware’. There are puppies with breeders you can have a continuous connection with. Go with your gut. If it feels off, then that’s because it is! Anyways, be careful. BE PATIENT. Ask lots of questions! 
  4. You need to ask for updated photos or videos & if possible-FaceTime 
  5. I have had a higher experiences with breeders who VET CHECK before going home as well as ones who have some sort of Sales Contract & Health Guarantee. 
  6. You should request Picture of parents pedigree, registration of parents (with numbers blurred for privacy), OR litter registration certificate. Does breeder’s name on registration match? If they cannot provide you with these essential details that identify your puppy & its asking price, then how can you be sure they will have everything else for the puppy in order? Some may not allow registration, that is fine for pet homes! Ask for pedigree instead

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